We are a retired military family living in Southwest Florida between Sarasota and Fort Myers. We are proud to be responsible breeders of our dream dogs – the Shih Tzu. Kikimora is my own personal service dog. We have 2 autistic teenagers the shih tzus have been greatly therapeutic for. This gives us first hand knowledge and insight towards making breeding decisions with Therapy Dogs, Emotional Support Animals, and Service Dog potential in mind.

  • We are a small, in home, and caring breeder of AKC & CKC Registered Shih Tzus.
  • AKC Bred with Heart members.
  • GoodDog.com responsible breeder members.
  • We use Avidog, Puppy Culture, early socialization, training, and puppy rearing techniques to ensure the easiest transition and best long term companions for you. We combine science and natural maternal nurturing to support your puppy’s growth and personality!
  • We have relationships with multiple veterinarians in the area to provide routine care, urgent care, puppy health checks, to seek advice and counsel to make the best choices for the dogs and puppies.
  • Dedicated to continuing our education to provide the best care and environment during the puppies critical early development stage.

Our Dogs

  • AKC and/or CKC Registered
  • Embark tested for detailed genetics, health markers, and breed DNA.
  • We continue further health testing our dogs to OFA / CHIC Standards as set by the American Shih Tzu Club including eyes, heart, and patella health certifications.
  • Live in our home as part of our family. They enjoy hiking, kayaking, snuggling, watching tv, swimming, running through the sand at the beach.
  • We schedule local meet and greets in public for you to meet the parents of future litters.
  • Nonshedding and hypoallergenic. I have diagnosed dog allergies but our dogs don’t bother me at all.

Available Puppies

  • Puppies are $2,500
  • AKC or CKC Registration Papers with Limited (Pet) Registration 
  • Lifetime Breeder Support
  • 1 Year Congenital Health Guarantee – we back our puppies!
  • Veterinarian Health Check
  • Florida Veterinarian Health Certificate
  • Embark DNA breed certificate of parents
  • Microchipped
  • Vaccines up to date
  • Dewormed up to date, negative fecal test from veterinarian
  • Educational materials to help you get started with your new pup
  • Puppy Gift Pack of Goodies
  • Puppies have been raised & socialized in home among our family, loved beyond measure, and raised in a clean living environment.
  • Puppies go home with Purina Pro Plan Focus – Puppy formula, dry dog food.
  • Puppies have been introduced to the crate.
  • Puppies have been using potty pads, but will require ongoing training and supervision at this age.
  • Puppies have been introduced to car rides at an early age to help prevent car sickness and anxieties later in life.
  • Puppies have been introduced to grooming and grooming tools to help acclimate them.
  • Puppies nails are trimmed multiple times before they go home.
  • Puppies receive sanitary trims before they go home.
  • Puppies have been introduced and socialized to other dogs.
  • Puppies have been exposed to toys and will take familiar toys home with them.
  • Puppies have been exposed to a variety of sights, sounds, textures, and experiences during the critical early developmental stage.
  • Lifetime Welcome Back Policy. Chimera Shih Tzu puppies and dogs are always welcome back home here, at any point in their lives if you cannot keep them (no refunds but they can come home, never to a shelter!)

Health Testing

Learn more about the health testing of our dogs.

Find Your Perfect Puppy in SW Florida!

Choose the puppy of your dreams from our available puppies list, or join the waiting list to choose from an upcoming litter.

Meet The Chimera Shih Tzu Family

Enjoy the photos of our dog’s having fun, where they live, or come out for the next public meet n greet.


Meet the MOMS of Chimera Shih Tzu


Meet the DADS of Chimera Shih Tzu

About Us

Meet Stephanie & Allyssa, mother and daughter with a passion for helping families connect with Shih Tzu companions. Learn about our goals, our policies, the name “Chimera”, and our dedication to helping Autism families.

Contact Us

Reach out and say hello! We have several ways to communicate with our puppy families.

Explore Chimera Shih Tzu

Take your time to browse our website, get to know us, ask any questions before you commit to a Chimera Shih Tzu. We are here for you!

Chimera FAQs

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers, and more! Learn about our policies and puppies.

Products We Love!

List of the products we use and love. Tried and true, tested by Shih Tzu!

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Available Puppies

Find Your Shih Tzu Puppy

Everyone wants a Chimera Shih Tzu of their own! The sweetest, most spoiled, beloved Shih Tzus in SW Florida! Check availability or join the waiting list for upcoming litters.

Chimera Shih Tzu

SW Florida Shih Tzu Puppies


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