Health Testing OFA/CHIC Embark DNA

Health testing parents is at the backbone of producing healthy, long lived pupies!

ALL our adult dogs are genetically tested through Embark. We are additionally getting them health tested and certified through OFA to CHIC Standards. This includes eyes, hearts, and patellas.

Embark DNA Test

All of our dogs are tested through Embark Vet, a research partner of Cornell Univeristy College of Veterinary Medicine. The Embark for Breeders kit includes tests for genetic diversity COI, health conditions, and traits. These test results are accepted by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for all conditions where the OFA has an established DNA registry.

Our dogs have been tested for genetic health conditions relevant to Shih Tzu, clinical tools, and 210+ genetic variants associated with disease.

With over 230,000 genetic markers, Embark DNA kits can detect inbreeding farther back in time, across more generations, than pedigree-based calculations.

Embark has expertly trained veterinary geneticists on-staff to help breeders and dog owners interpret results. The geneticists and veterinarians are quick to answer any questions we have sent in.

Thousands of breeders have trusted Embark to help manage their breeding program, from improving genetic health and diversity to screening for disease mutations, understanding coat traits, and more.

The Embark for Breeders dog DNA test kit provides breed-relevant disease screening for purebred dogs. The kit also includes traits testing, (including coat color, body size, and more), DLA diversity testing, breed ancestry breakdown, and genetic Coefficient of Inbreeding (COI) score. Embark’s test results are accepted by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) for all conditions where OFA has an established DNA registry, as well as the UK Kennel Club and many other international organizations. 

OFA / CHIC Certification

“The mission of the OFA is to promote the health and welfare of companion animals through a reduction in the incidence of genetic disease.”

We are working on getting all of our adults fully health tested to the standards set by the American Shih Tzu Club, to meet OFA / CHIC Certification requirements. Once we have completed this testing, all results will be published and we will reevaluate our breeding dogs to ensure we are making responsible choices with the information available.

Tests include:

  • Embark DNA Panel
  • Eyes
  • Heart
  • Patellas


More Coming Soon

I can’t praise this breeder enough. Follow them on FB and you’ll see why I recommend this family. They have so much compassion for all the fur babies and the moms and dads. Their dedication to introducing the puppies to new experiences and training and to great health is above expectations. I am so happy and lucky to welcome my new little one from Chimera into our home!

— Gail, Zadie’s Mom

I followed several Florida breeders and shelters on social media for months searching for our fur baby and Stephanie and Allyssa are head and shoulders above all of them. They are professional, organized, responsive and most importantly you genuinely love what they do.

I was able to watch Turing (our pup) grow up every day on their page. Any questions I had they responded quickly and comprehensively.

I can tell how much hard work and love they put into their puppies, Turing is an absolute doll. His first day with us, despite it being a HUGE change he was calm, affectionate and such a happy little fella. That kind of security comes from being born and raised in a stable loving environment. Thank you, Chimera Shih Tzu! We are absolutely in love with our little guy.

— Jessica, Turing’s Mom