Benefits of a Chimera Puppy

Benefits of choosing a Chimera Shih Tzu Puppy

Thank you for trusting us with your next best friend. We fully understand what a big desicion this is to make and how much thought goes into choosing the right breeder.

We put ample effort and investment into planning breedings, raising puppies to be healthy, socialized, balanced dogs that you will enjoy for 15-20 years. We take this responsibility seriously, it is our utmost passion!! Every minute spent with your puppy, until they leave our arms to yours, is a blessing to us. We enjoy them so much and love to share this beautiful experience with you.

I work from home and my two autistic children are homeschooled. We are home nearly all the time. The puppies are our whole life!! 24/7 we are at their beck and call, tending to them, nurturing them, playing with them, and teaching them. (and, cleaning up after them!)

Our puppies:

  • Come with AKC or CKC registration papers (pet registration)
  • Come with Embark DNA certificates of parents
  • Come with Birth Certificate
  • Come from health tested parents
  • Come with a puppy gift pack of goodies your pup is used to, and we hope you find useful to get started!
  • Are microchipped
  • Are vaccinated by the veterinarian
  • Are dewormed regularly with a negative fecal test before going home
  • Receive a veterinarian health check to make sure puppy is healthy
  • Receive a FL Veterinary Health Certificate
  • Come with a 1 year congenital health guarantee
  • Come with an offer from Trupanion for 30 days health insurance to cover any unexpected costs – sign up within 24 hours of pickup for the special offer they extend to our puppy families!
  • We offer lifetime support to our families in raising, training, and loving your puppies for many years ahead
  • Are raised in our home among our family, spending time on the couch, on the floor, in the kitchen, hear the vaccum, and the microwave, the washing machine, the tv, the other dogs playing and barking. They get used to all the goings on of home life.
  • Are loved beyond measure, from before they are born. We are rubbing momma’s belly, talking to the puppies. Once they are born, they are held and kissed every single day.
  • Are raised in a clean living environment. You can see pictures and videos on our Facebook page of where the puppies live and how they are raised. We try to post daily when we have puppies. We also post our adults because they are just as important to us!
  • Are fed a high quality, veterinarian approved food. They start on a raw diet, and then are transitioned to Purina Pro Plan Focus – Puppy – Chicken and Rice formula before they go home, to make the transition as easy as possible.
  • Are exposed to potty training, crates, dog beds, blankets, a variety of toys.
  • Are exposed to grooming. We clip nails regularly from very young so they don’t scratch momma’s belly with all those sweet kisses and massages. We shave their paw pads multiple times before they go home. We also do sanitary trims. We introduct them to the grooming table. They are introduced to baths.
  • Are introduced to car rides. Studies show that puppies exposed to car rides before 6 weeks of age have less car anxities and reduced car sickness.
  • We strive to give them the best quality of life possible while they are in our care. It’s important that we utilize this time wisely to imprint on this critical socialization and early learning period.
  • Are always welcome back home, here, at any point in their life, for any reason at all. You don’t even need to explain or justify, just bring them home if it’s needed. We trust that you are doing what you feel is in the best interest of the dog. That’s all that matters. No judgement. However, if there is anything we can help you with to keep your best friend, please reach out. We would be so glad to help with anything we can do. We do not offer refunds, but we can assure the safety and comfort of every Chimera Shih Tzu, for life.

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