Preparing for Puppy

Preparing for your Chimera Shih Tzu Puppy is an exciting time!! While we prepare your puppy for the life ahead, you may want to start getting ready at home.
We will send home a Chimera Shih Tzu Puppy Gift Bag filled with

  • AKC or CKC Registration Papers
  • Health Record & Veterinarian Certificate of Health
  • Contract & Health Guarantee
  • Microchip Information
  • Starter Food – Raw Food or Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Formula
  • Food & Water Dish – a cheap plastic dish they are familiar with
  • Toys – a few toys they are familiar with
  • Potty Pads – a few to get you home
  • Starter collar and leash
  • Brush they are familiar with- JW Grip Soft
  • Nail Trimmers they are familiar with – Miller’s Forge

What you may need

  • An appointment with your veterinarian within 3 days of puppy pickup
  • Continued Supply of Food – Raw or Purina Pro Plan Focus Puppy Formula
  • Puppy Health Insurance to cover any accidents, injuries, illnesses
  • Blankets and or dog bed – think easy to wash
  • A puppy play pen or secure area, easy to clean floor in a small space while potty training, away from other pets until they are acclimated
  • Potty Pads & clean up supplies – we buy ours at Sam’s Club or Amazon
  • Harness to start leash training
  • A crate (optional) for training and or safety
  • Potty bell for backdoor (optional) if teaching to potty outside
  • Lixit Top Fill Water Bottle for Dogs (optional) to keep face clean and dry
  • Mini Grooming Trimmer (optional) to trim hair between paw pads & around eyes
  • Treats (optional) – tiny pieces of plain boiled or baked chicken work great!!
  • Karo syrup incase pup gets a hypoglycemic sugar crash – more common in small breed puppies
  • Groomer recommendations from local friends or pet owners- get an appointment early to get your puppy familiar with the groomers office
  • Dog Trainer recommendations for puppy socialization and training classes. Get started right away!