Our Goals

Chimera Shih Tzu puppies in Florida

Chimera Shih Tzu

We are passionate about responsible breeding, responsible pet ownership, quality of life for dogs, and the companionship that healthy, well tempered Shih Tzus bring.

Breeding Goals

  • To breed and produce healthy, sound, balanced, well tempered, long lived Shih Tzu
  • To breed dogs with the best companionship qualities for pet homes
  • To breed dogs that may be suitable for therapy work or Service Dog prospects
  • To breed dogs that will be a prized gem for an autistic family
  • To breed dogs that are a groomer’s favorite client, not the difficult dog!
  • To genetic health test all our breeding dogs to make better educated breeding decisions
  • To produce a variety of interesting colors including blues, lavendars, dobie marked black and tan, brindles, chocolates, red liver, and more!
  • To continue health testing and evaluating our adult dogs to meet OFA / CHIC standards as set by the American Shih Tzu Club – specifically, full Genetic Health Panel, Eyes, Heart, and Patellas
  • To breed dogs that are conformationally sound to reduce injuries, disabilities, and painful ailments in their youth and as they age

Chimera Shih Tzu Family Goals

  • To further our own education and utilize reputable sources to better prepare puppies for the world, resulting in fewer behavioral challenges. Our current education includes Puppy Culture, Avidog, Good Dog, AKC, a network of Shih Tzu breeders, and our own experience with rescuing and fostering animals in need after they were failed by humans.
  • To educate on responsible dog ownership including illness prevention, injury prevention, training as enrichment, regular grooming, regular veterinary care, and leaning on us for support or assistance if you ever need help.
  • To welcome home any Chimera Shih Tzu that find themselves in need. Our dogs should never have to face being abandoned or given up, and they will always be our own responsibility, not the responsibility of a rescue or shelter facility. Puppies we have placed can come right home, right here, where it all started, and we can figure it out from there. They can come back home at any age, for any reason.
  • To provide education and support to our puppy families A dog that reaches the end of old age with the family we chose for them as puppies is my ultimate goal. For the dog’s life and the person’s life to be enriched for all those years of mutual companionship. We will do whatever we can to support that.
  • To start a “Shih Tzus for Autistm” program where we gift hand selected Shih Tzu puppies to autistic families in SW Florida.
  • To start a “Shih Tzu Training Rewards” program where we pay our puppy families back $50-100 in reward cash for completing training programs with their Chimera Shih Tzus.
  • To give back by offering $100 discounts to special families in the areas of Autism, Military Veterans, Police, and more.

Goals, Passions, and Priorities

Our goal is to breed quality dogs, with an effort to reduce health problems, to reduce temperament issues, aggression, grooming difficulties, and all the reasons that people give up their dogs. In addition to the dogs, I want to put my own experience to use, by providing education and support to our pup’s families before and after they go home. I aim to continue learning, continue growing, to delve into all the literature and training courses to help me socialize and provide the puppies all they need during the crucial early developmental period that will shape who they are and how they handle the world around them. I want to help the dogs prepare for the their new life and to help the families prepare for their new dog. To make this transition as smooth as possible for all. I will be there for the life of the dog. This is my passion, this is my calling, this is what I’ve waited my whole life to do.

If any of our pups or families cannot keep their Chimera Shih Tzu for any reason, our door is always open. We welcome all our dogs back in our home, at any part of their life, for the rest of their life. Moreso, if there is anything we can do to help a family through a diffiult time, so they can keep their dog, we are happy to do all we can to keep the dog in their home with the family they know.

We are their family and they are ours.

The dogs are helping my children grow into young adults with a purpose. There is so much to do: contracts, photographs, videos, messages, emails, setting up social media accounts, training, reseaching pedigrees and lines, networking with other breeders, learning about and understanding genetics, finding quality places to advertise litters, raising litters, vaccinating, microchipping, deworming, finding veterinarians to work with, learning about the breed specific health issues, learning about the dogs deeply enough to make educated breeding decisions, which dogs to pair up, which dogs to spay/neuter, or place in pet homes, and most of all, to think about life. To think about the life we are creating, the responsibility we have for those lives, how we can make lives better for others, and how we can protect the lives that we brought into the world.