Safety With Other Pets

Shih Tzus are fun loving little dogs! They enjoy making new friends and playing with everyone. Sometimes, they don’t realize how small and delicate they are. It’s important for owners to keep them safe, even from other friendly pets. Use caution with other pets, with slow introductions until trust is established with good and gentle social manners.

Shih Tzu puppies may be at risk of injury because of their small size, their exuberance, and vulnerable eyeballs.

When you are not directly supervising your Shih Tzu puppy, it is recommended to have a contained safe space for them. This will keep them from developing inappropriate potty habits, safe from cords, potential toxins, and accidental injury from other pets.

Shih Tzu puppies are innocently unaware of the moods and patience limits of older pets. They just want to play, play, play with their puppy exuberance, bouncing, pounding, chewing, barking, and sharing toys without invitation. If the other dog becomes annoyed, a young Shih Tzu puppy may not heed the warning in time and get snapped at.

Larger dogs can accidentally pounce, lay on, or otherwise injure young Shih Tzu puppies without realizing it.

Older dogs may be friendly but show sudden resource guarding around food, toys, or favorite beds. A snap or bite may not cause any harm to a similar sized adult dog, but could inflict permanent damage to a young Shih Tzu puppy.

Cats are notorious for having a short fuse with puppies. Even playful cats can potentially injure a Shih Tzu’s vulnerable eyes during play with a swat from the claws.

Supervising early play sessions with your new Shih Tzu puppy and other pets will help you referee as needed and identify any potential risks. As the puppy matures, they will be able to read their new friends better. The older pup will also have better impulse control and won’t be as likely to pester a friend that isn’t in the mood for play or sharing.