Shipping, Delivery, and Local Pickup

Morpheus – Chimera Shih Tzu Puppies

We look forward to matching you with the puppy of your dreams!

Getting Puppy Home

Pickup in SW FL, Fly With Your Puppy, or Send a Flight Nanny

If you are picking up your puppy in person, we prefer cash payment in full at time of pickup. This can be a lot to withdraw from an ATM at once, so plan ahead! We can provide a signed receipt to show proof that you paid.

If transporting or hiring a pet nanny, please discuss payment options and ensure payment is completed in full 2 weeks prior to puppy’s travel.

Picking up your puppy

We have several options for picking up your puppy.

  • Local Pickup in Englewood / Port Charlotte Florida
  • Fly to Fort Myers or Tampa FL airport and carry your puppy on the flight home
  • Hire a Flight Nanny to fly IN CABIN with your puppy to an airport near you

Local Pickup / Meet in Person – SW Florida

As mentioned in the “Can we visit” on the FAQ page, for safety, security, and health, we do not allow visitors in the family home where the dogs live with us. When you pickup your puppy, we are happy to meet you at a public location within 30 minutes of our home in Port Charlotte/Englewood, FL. I have disabling chronic pain and unfortunately cannot travel far. I apologize that I cannot be of more assistance in driving/traveling.

When we are planning the meetup, please let us know if you’d like us to bring the parents or any other dogs. We love showing off our (adult) babies and they love the attention!

We have beautiful beaches in the area you may want to check out when you come. Plan your schedule accordingly. Dogs are not allowed on most area beaches. Although a tiny puppy wouldn’t be much bother, they do get very hot very quickly in the Florida heat, and chilled if by chance it’s actually winter. You are welcome to spend the day enjoying local restraunts and beaches, and I can meet up with you’re done, if you’d like. Just something to keep in mind.

Englewood Beach is a wonderful spot to check out. There’s ample public (pay) parking and several restraunts/bars across the street. There’s a long beach to walk with sometimes crystal clear water. They have bathroom facilities.

Manasota Key Beach is another great beach just a little bit north. Here you are likely to find fossilized shark teeth!! It’s an incredible experience. There are actually many fossils on the beach and in the sand, but the shark teeth are easiest to identify.

A little more north is an absolutely adorable qaint town called Venice. They are actually the Shark Tooth Capitol. You *must* go visit the town square, downtown area. Lots of walking among local shops. The store Shark Frenzy is a must see. If you’re looking for Shark Teeth, plug in Casperson Beach. Very close to that is Sharky’s on the Pier restaurant on the water. There’s some nice walking trails along the canals where the manatees swim. I just type in “walking trails near me” and it pops up. Between Casperson and Sharky’s on the Pier is a dog beach. I do NOT actually recommend this for your puppy as they are so young and vulnerable to disease left by other dogs. Plus it would be pretty overwhelming for the little one. You might want to come back and visit sometime tho!

Boca Grande has a $6 toll to get across and it’s worth so much more! Absolutely gorgeous views, amazing pristine beaches. Parts of the island are dog friendly beaches. If you head to the south end you’ll see multiple signs for the State Park parking entrances. On state park lands, dogs are NOT allowed on the beach. Look for Gasparilla State Park. Amazing, beautiful, you won’t regret it! Quiet, sleepy little isolated island. Not a whole lot going on. We only go for the most amazing beach.

Fort Myers and Sarasota have a lot happening.

Sanibel Island is a trek from here but very nice, very touristy, lots of delicious restraunts with great drinks and gator. She Sells Sea Shells is a MUST SEE! Great prices on tons of beautiful shells and collectibles.


If you are flying to pickup your puppy or sending a flight nanny, I am happy to meet at the Fort Myers Airport, which is just over an hour from my home (without traffic). That puts me on the road for atleast 3 hours, round trip. Or I can drive to Tampa airport which is 1.5-2 hrs away depending on traffic, usually putting me on the road for 5 hours to drop off a puppy. I’m happy to do that for wonderful families, but unfortuately that’s the most my health will allow.

If puppy is flying, I will provide, at no additional cost:

  • An airline approved soft carrier for in cabin travel (some flight nannies use their own, in which case I won’t send one)
  • A blanket
  • Potty pads
  • Food for several days
  • Chicken foot to chew
  • Toy to entertain 
  • Veterinary Inspection (Health Certificate)
  • Vaccine Record
  • As well as all the usual goodies we send home

You Fly:

We are happy to guide you in arranging your own flight to come out to this paradise where you can book a hotel or AirBNB for the weekend, have a nice beach vacation, and take your puppy home on the plane with you. I’ll provide everything needed for puppy for this travel. All you need to do is to add a “carry on pet” or “in cabin pet” on an airline that does NOT require rabies vaccination. The babies are too young for rabies vaccines. Last I checked, I believe there was only 1 airline that required minimum 16 weeks old and rabies (Delta Airlines). I can help you through this, if you plan to fly to pickup your pup. Different airlines have different requirements and minimum ages. I do not mind looking into various airline rules for you.

If you want to fly in, grab puppy, and turn around to fly right back home, I can meet you at the Fort Myers or Tampa Florida Airport with your puppy. I will have everything he or she will need for travel home. Just make sure you have an in cabin pet included on your flight.

Stay to Play:

I suggest visiting local beaches. If you are near Fort Myers, which is an hour south of us, the Sanibel Island is a very popular destination for tourists and shells. Some great restaurants with great drinks. Venice Beach is about 45 minutes north of us, popular tourist & locals spot for finding fossilized shark teeth on the beach! Check out Shark Frenzy. There’s a restaurant at the pier also. In the middle, close to us, is Manasota Key Beach, our favorite beach for finding fossilized shark teeth, fossilized stingray teeth (mouthplates), fossilized pufferfish teeth (mouth plates), and various fossilized bones and fragments. Englewood Beach has a nice parking lot, facilities, beach store across the street, and several restaurants, some with live music and outdoor seating that is pet friendly.

Flight Nanny:

If you would like to hire a flight nanny that will do the flying for you, with your puppy in their lap or at their feet. When choosing a nanny to fly with your puppy, be sure to ask if they fly space available or with a confirmed flight ticket. Some lower cost nannies are using their airline perks to hop on open flights – which is great to save some money!! Unfortunately, with COVID and other factors, these flights are not guaranteed. You could be rescheduled multiple times. If you would like, or need, a confirmed firm date and time to pickup your puppy at the airport, such as if you have to drive several hours to the airport, consider one of the “confirmed flight” nannies. Expect quotes between $550-$1200 for this service.

Check out the following IN CABIN FLIGHT NANNIES to find one that works with your schedule and your budget.

Lori Your Personal Flight Nanny The last quote we received was $550. A very affordable price! Lori loves the babies and will take great care of them while she does the long traveling to your regional airport. She is based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Pet Jet Pals is a flight nanny network serving all 50 states. They have been highly recommended by others.

Pups on the Fly have quoted $650 in the past – although pricing may change with airline fees always changing.

No Puppies Left Behind is another option. They are a family operated flight nanny service based out of Orlando, Florida. Their average fee is $789, but varies based on availability, advance or last minute scheduling, and the size of destination airport. 

Critter Getter Pet Transportation can give you quotes for flight nanny or ground transport. Based in Alabama, their drivers and flight nannies travel coast to coast. 

Shih Tzu puppies are not allowed, and should NEVER, travel “cargo” on airplanes. This is where they put the hard plastic dog crates in the compartment underneath the plane.  It’s not safe for short faced Shih Tzu and it’s absolutely terrifying, they can have trouble breathing with the air pressure changes, and the temperature fluctuations can be potentially dangerous as well. When flying a Shih Tzu, they really need to be in the passenger area, riding with someone.

Ground Transport:

Another option *may be* ground transport. This is the least ideal option. Businesses are changing so fast so we cannot predict costs or recommendations at this time. I’m honestly not sure I am comfortable with this option, but if this is something you want to do, let’s discuss and see what it entails. If you choose this transport, ask how many dog cages would be transported together, is it an individual transport in a personal car or a large cargo van transporting multiple dogs? Are rescue dogs included? Are vaccinations required and verified?, are they USDA Licensed and Insured, and how long the puppy would be in that cage on the road. Some vans travel coast to coast. We do not feel it is fair to have a new puppy in a cage, in a van, with other barking and potentially sick dogs, for 3-5 days straight! That gives me anxiety just writing. There *may* be more private transport options depending on where you live and what your budget is.

In my personal experience, it was always fastest, cheapest, and least stressful to travel myself to the puppy to pickup. As a breeder, I prefer this option and would welcome the chance to meet you face to face. However, I also understand how unpredictable and terribly exhausting travel can be. We are willing to work with you on options. Just let us know how we can help you plan or prepare. We are luckily in a very beautiful area in SW Florida to plan a trip!

Loved the experience! Found Chimera Shih Tzu online and was happy to watch how they treat their babies. I would do it again 🙂


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