Veterinarian Care

Your Chimera Shih Tzu puppy  will go home to you healthy. We take great care to protect your puppy from illness or parasites. We have puppies on a routine deworming schedule from 2 weeks old. At 6-8 weeks, we visit the veterinarian for an overall health check, fecal test to make sure the puppies are free of parasites, first set of vaccines, and a Florida Veterinary Health Certificate providing proof the puppy was healthy and free of infection when leaving our home. It’s important to setup an appointment with your veterinarian to see your puppy within 3 days of pickup date to confirm health status and discuss any concerns. Your veterinarian can also discuss their recommended vaccine and deworming schedule with you at that time.

Preparing for the expenses of veterinary care is one of the most important parts of dog ownership. Shih Tzus are a relatively healthy breed, having far fewer health problems overall than some other breeds. They certainly aren’t invincible though! We recommend obtaining pet insurance to help cover unexpected costs including injuries, accidents, and illnesses. Life happens and when it comes to veterinary care, it can get very expensive very quickly! Pet insurance will give you peace of mind that your pooch will have access to any treatments they may need.

It’s important for your Chimera Shih Tzu Puppy to receive regular preventative care from your veterinarian. This may include regular health checks, vaccinations, parasite prevention/ deworming, monthly heartworm prevention, tick & flea protection, as well as visits for any accidents, injuries, or illnesses. If you have any concern about the health of your Shih Tzu, call your veterinarian. It’s important to not delay diagnosis and treatment of any ailments.

We recommend following your veterinarian’s advice on vaccine schedule and socializing. It’s important to keep young puppies out of areas where dogs frequent until your veterinarian gives the green light, or when your puppy has completed their puppy vaccine boosters. This typically means no dog parks, carry puppy when you go shopping or put them on a blanket in dog friendly shopping carts.